News December 15th 2017

Hiya all


Welcome to December where it’s getting colder and, to my aging psyche, Xmas begins too soon.

Here at Noakes’n’Neon HQ it’ll start on 15th December.

On that day, as thoughts turn to presents I’ve got one for you. I mentioned this in the November note and here it is – for real. So, what is it?

Back in the latter part of 1966 and early part of 1967 I was in London, working in what were the last legs of my Civil Service ‘career’. At Xmas time I treated myself to a a Philips portable cassette recorder, a fairly recently available innovation .

A bunch of recordings were made in a flat in Pollen Street nr Oxford Circus in early’67. An initial few of the tracks recorded have been tidied up, in order to be available for you this Xmas.

The repertoire is a few of the songs I was performing at the time. Here’s the running order:-

  1. Far ower lang biding here, 02. I’m a rover, 03. Dreams of love, 04. I loved a lass,
  2. Proud Maisrie, 06. Ship in the sky, 07. John Gordon, 08. The bleacher lass o’ Kelvinhaugh,
  3. High Germanie, 10. The heilan’ lads.

The collection is called ‘Demos & Rarities Vol 3 – Bob Noakes, London 1967’.

10 tracks are now available to Download FOR FREE at That’ll be available until the end of January. Thereafter, it may become available again later in the year with a small price-tag attached.

It qualifies as a final part of the 50 years ago aspect of our 70/50 in 2017 and also, as there are some traditional songs there, let’s call that a celebration of my ‘Hands up for Trad Hall of Fame’ induction in October.


Don’t forget the other titles, bargains and bundles available at the store particularly the most recent –

‘Bridging the Gaps’, a double CD containing 37 songs from the LPs released in 1972/1978 and 1980.

It contains the 1972 album ‘Rab Noakes’ on A&M, 1978’s ‘Restless’ on Ring O’Records and the 1980 album ‘Rab Noakes’ on MCA. It’s all the original album tracks plus some bonus songs. They include a b-side which didn’t feature on an album, a version specially recorded for a single, an out-take, a rehearsal recording and a version edited and mixed for a single.

All three LPs are placed chronologically on this double-CD which totals 37 tracks.

It’s normally priced at £9.99 for download (full album only – a licence stipulation) and £14.99 + P&P for CDs.

Until the end of January it’ll be priced at £6.99 for download and £9.99 + P&P for CDs

All to wish you the best for this Festive Season and onward to 2018


There will be shows to look forward to next year 2018 including a couple of Celtic Connections appearances. There is no concert of my own this year but I’m on a couple of multi-artist events. More detail appears below.

The entire CC2018 programme and ticket access are available here:

I hope to see you at one or other of early 2018’s appearances.


27 Celtic Connections                         Bothy Culture and beyond                SE Hydro

as part of Grit Orchestra

28 Celtic Connections                         Northern Star                                    GRCH

A multi-artist event featuring Songs of Canada

 29 Celtic Connections                Dale Watson & his Lone Stars        GRCH                       as guest on ‘50 Years of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison LP’


01 Celtic Connections                         Arrest this moment                                 Pavilion Theatre

with others – celebrating the life of Michael Marra in Words and Music

02 Butesong                                              Songwriters’ Festival                        Glenburn Hotel, Isle of Bute