News December 15th 2016

Hiya all

Stephy and I wish all of you a Happy Festive Season and all the best for 2017.

Let us remind you of our current bargains and hope to see you all somewhere during the 70/50 in 2017 activities sometime during the coming year.

 70/50 in 2017

2017’s activities will be mostly based around my two key anniversaries.

In May I turn 70 and, also in May, I celebrate 50 years since my first fully professional and properly-billed performances.


The Treatment Tapes EP was produced by John Cavanagh (who also sound-engineered) with Stephy Pordage. John, as usual, selected musicians so we have Stuart Brown on drums’n’percussion and Una McGlone on double bass. You’ll recall they were both on ‘I’m walkin’ here’. New collaborators are Atzi Muramatsu on ’cello and Anne Rankin on oboe. Richy Lamb did the design and layout work for the sleeve and booklet. David Mach, ‘the King of Collage’ created the artwork. Carol Ann Peacock’s photographs appear in the booklet.

It consists of a half-dozen songs triggered by the experience of 2015’s health issues.


  1. Fade (to shades of black) – 2. By the day (One more shave’n’haircut) –
  2. Mindful – 4. That won’t stop me – 5. I always will – 6. Water is my friend


From now until the end of January only there’s a bargain or two to be had at

Buy the new record, ‘The Treatment Tapes EP’ along with either ‘I’m walkin’ here’ or ‘Red Pump Special’ on CD for £15.00 + £2.50 P&P. This’ll save you about a fiver.

Also, we’d like to see the few remaining vinyl copies of ‘I’m walkin’ here’ spinning on turntables instead of languishing in our storeroom. There’ll be a fiver off that too. It’ll be £15.00 + £4.00 P&P