News December 10th 2018

Hiya all

Welcome to the first note of December

There’ll be another note following this one which’ll contain information on some of 2019’s activities.

This one though has the sole purpose of drawing attention to this year’s seasonal bargains:-

  1. Welcome to Anniversaryville CD – £10.00


  1. The Treatment Tapes EP CD – £5.00


  1. I’m walkin’ here LP – £10.00


  1. Bridging the Gaps CD – £10.00


  1. Red Pump Special + The Treatment Tapes EP CDs – £10.00


  1. Welcome to Anniversaryville sleeveart print – £5.00


All of the above are + P&P £2.50

All these are available for a month or so (until Tuesday 15th January).



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